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Get Busy with the Fizzy for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
On Thursday I attended Frank PR's press day showcasing Long Tall Sally, Footlocker, Oris and Southern Cormfort.
They had a selection of drinks and nibbles for us while we looked through collections, but something on that table caught my retro loving eyes as soon as I walked in that made me loose track of everything around me. That thing happened to be the new pink soda stream. It's actually called Pink Fizz which makes me want it even more!
I instantly asked if I could try it and the lovely Hazel showed me how to use it and let me pick me own flavour, which was cherry, as cherryade was my favorite childhood drink.
Hazel filled up the liter glass bottle with tap water, added a capful of cherry flavouring, screwed it into the soda stream, pressed the button to release the gas and 60 seconds later.. BAM! You have cherryade, delicious cherryade that my childhood me would be proud of!
The initial payout is expensive at £119.99 for the soda stream but it does work out cost effective as a bottle of flavouring is £3.99 and produces 12 litres of fizzy drink (after 12 litres I will definitely be my childhood me and bouncing off the walls!) and you can also exchange your empty gas canisters for full ones at no cost at all.
And do you know what makes this pretty and practical limited edition machine better? SodaStream worldwide will donate 5% of the purchase price to Breakthrough Breast Cancer! What more could you want?
Will you be putting a SodaStream on your Christmas list this year? Let me know!
The limited edition Pink Fizz SodaStream is available at Harvey Nichols, other good independent retailers and on the SodaStream UK website (
Get busy with the fizzy for Breakthrough Breast CancerP.S. This was NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to write something that helps raise awareness for Breakthrough Breast Cancer :)"believe in yourself"

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