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Gerry Dee Has London on the Floor at Budweiser Gardens.

Posted on the 19 April 2016 by Hendrik Pape @soundcheckblg

Canadian stand-up comedian and TV sitcom star, Gerry Dee, rolled his stand up tour into London's Budweiser Gardens the other night for an intimate show in the RBC Theatre. For those who have never been to an RBC theatre show, you are missing out on a fabulous venue. Take one end of a hockey arena and throw a stage in it and you have the basics of a great venue where you feel like you're sitting on the stage with the artist.

Gerry made a number of jokes at the start of his show about how he finally had made it big in the comedy world by playing hockey arenas. His junior hockey career never saw him playing in the OHL, never brought him to the home of the legendary London Knights, so this was the only way he was ever going to showcase his talents in an arena...even if it was only in the one end.

Gerry, known widely for his CBC sitcom, Mr. D., is a real life, former, teacher. A lot of his act included stories from his 10 years as an actual physical education teacher. He made light of how the world doesn't really know what goes on with teachers and their jobs. Stories about marking papers, students, foul language and antics that take place, were the highlight of the show and had the crowd, (which consisted of a lot teachers by the cheers when asked), busting a gut for the best part of the hour and a half routine.

Continuing with more stories about marriage, having kids, and play dates, the night just kept rolling with the funny man's routine. During the routine, while discussing hockey and his hockey playing roommates, a heckler from the crowd yelled out, "he scores...", to which Gerry didn't miss a beat. He just poked fun, saying it must be a hockey fan from Sarnia, to which the London crowd erupted in laughter.

Gerry continued the night with some great stand up comedy, which I could write out but it wouldn't be the same as if you saw him in person. So to hear all the jokes, you need to buy a ticket and go catch his show. I am a fan of his sitcom on TV and was excited to see his stand up show, which was better than I had expected. His brand of humor has me laughing still today.

His show, Mr. D., has just been renewed for a 6th season on CBC, here in Canada, and there is talk of an American reboot of the show on CBS. That version, however, won't star the Canadian funny man, which is fine with me! We don't need to share all our great comedians with our neighbors to the south of the border.

If you get a chance to catch Gerry Dee in person, either in a hockey arena, a theatre, or maybe a small stand up club, don't miss out. His show will have you busting a gut all night. For more information on Gerry Dee's tour check out his website at www.gerrydee.com.


Gerry Dee has London on the floor at Budweiser Gardens.

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