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Germa-phobe… FOREVER!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

After yesterday’s pudding kerfuffle I met up with Max for some cocktails and a night out. Coding will make anyone need a little alcohol, sometimes…


Luckily, for us we got there with 15 minutes left of Happy Hour! I had a mojito because Rum is made from sugar cane… not rye, wheat, or barley. I had the asian pear mojito which was really really tasty. I really liked nibbling the drunken pears after my drink was gone.

I hadn’t been to PF Changs since going gluten free but they are so nice and friendly there. They even ask if they can bring out special GF sauces for you, they keep everything separate and remind you that the fortune cookies are not gluten free, but they bring one for you so you can have the fortune.


I had the Singapore Street Noodles which are rice noodles, veggies and shrimps stir fried in a mild curry sauce. I had like 8 servings to take home for left overs! So looking forward to dinner tonight.



Max had sesame chicken, or spicy chicken, or hong kong chicken… I don’t know but it looked really good and DID NOT come from the gluten free page!

germa-phobe… FOREVER!
germa-phobe… FOREVER!

After dinner Max and I saw Contagion, which will make you a germa-phobe for the rest of your life but is a super good movie and really makes you lose faith in what will happen to the world if there is another air borne virus epidemic.

Did you know Mar’s Chocolate products made after September 2010 (except for the pretzel m&m’s) are gluten free…

Just so ya know.

And here’s a weird picture of me being too neurotic to leave my nikon baby in the car by itself, in the dark, at the mall where potential masked bandits and burglars live to take away cameras from their mothers.

germa-phobe… FOREVER!

God forbid I actually write a post that does not include me doing something silly…

Tell me about you! I want to know…

What is your favorite meal at PF Changs?

What is your go-to treat when at the movies?

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