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Genuine Sunflowers

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

I can’t express how moved I am for (finally) checking on some of my comments.  I have share tidbits from Jamie’s blog on occasion.  She has been a follower (and I of her) for some time now.  She and I will exchange words on a regular basis.

I have met so many beautiful people through my blog.  Kind-hearted, loving and sensitive.  Too many for me to possibly name.  The seed of sorrow is watered with tears.  The sorrow grows and transforms itself.  Once again happiness is felt.

Through my sorrow, tears and blessings from above, people like Jamie have come into my garden.  These are what sunflowers are.  Thanks to Jamie…and others I’d love to name but fear of leaving one out…my brown barren field of sorrow brought forth the most beautiful field of sunflowers I have ever seen.  The field grows farther than my eye can see.  Each one precious.

Jamie, know in your heart that I love you and know how happy your gesture has made me.

All of my love, to you….to all of my Sunflowers.

Renee Robinson

How beautiful! I can’t thank you enough. Cancer has brought me many blessings. You are proof of this. Had it not been for this horrible disease, our paths would have never crossed.
Thank you so much. I cry tears of joy.
You have reached out to many in so many ways and have been extremely supportive.
I love you dear friend
Hugs, kisses and who cares about the misspelled name? I’d much rather bask in your comment!

I hope you will forgive me for presuming to write about one of your books on my blog.

Warmest regards,

THE POET BY DAY, the journey in poem

Shadows of the Heart

Posted in General Interest, Writers/Poets by Jamie Dedes on August 3, 2013

Renee Robinson

Renee Robinson

Normally, I don’t write about a blogger’s book unless I’m sent the book for review. I never assume that a writer wants me to comment. I’m making an exception in this case and I hope Renee will forgive me.

For the past several years I have watched this young woman produce an extraordinary volume of work,  taking refuge in poetry as she struggles with metastatic colon cancer. She is one of several people I know – mostly personal but a few online (Renee is one of these)  - who have walked the hero’s path engaged in an art form, leaving a trail of flowers for us  to follow along the way. One dearest and hugely talented was my friend Ann Emerson, a brilliant star who died earlier this year but not before making it into American Poetry Review. Ann had never written a poem or published professionally until after her diagnosis with a rare bone cancer, which she bravely fought for six years. Other friends have found comfort in music, art, fiction, or essay writing.

“Life is ever-changing. It is what we make of it. Though I have no control of when my life will end, I can paint my words out on a canvas. I can show my love for my family with each stroke. Life is temporary. Memories, like words, live on.” Renee Robins, poet-writer-blogger …

Renee has self-published several collections that are on Amazon. The one I selected to read is Shadows of the Heart  … the operative word here is not “shadow,” it’s “heart” . . . A collection of poems from a big heart evolved from a deeply prolific rhizome of courage. Here in this book are the young shoots and old adventitious roots of a budding talent, a very special lady. This collection, written by a non-professional, is nonetheless notable for its intense feeling arising out of her unshakable affection and appreciation for her husband and a deep passion for writing combined with the knowledge that her life is on the wane. In this last thing, she is only different from her readers in that she is no longer in denial and is using her time constructively, leaving her own unique message of love, courage, and beauty for family, friends, and blogger fans.

On her blog/website she says, ” I find myself “Dancing With Cancer”, problem is…I can’t dance. I stumble, bumble, and get pulled along. To keep my sanity, (humor me), I write short stories, a journal, musings and poetry….just about anything goes.”  Renee Robinson, Nae’s Nest

Photo credits (portrait and cover art), Renee Robinson, All rights reserved

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