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Genetic Codes May Not Be Found Only in Our DNA

Posted on the 29 January 2014 by Vall444


The Greatest surprise of the century might prove a hypothesis, according to which our genetic codes are not found only in the DNA molecule.

At present, however, this is still not confirmed by conventional science but yet these claims cause  a lot of controversy in the scientific circles.
The DNA molecule absorbs light photons and store them in the form of a spiral.

It is said that back in 1984 Peter Garyaev amazed his colleagues by placing a sample of DNA in a tiny quartz container, which was then irradiated with a soft laser. The results were more than surprising, since it was clear that the DNA molecule absorbs light photons and store them in the form of a spiral. The Molecule itself creates a particular vortex that draws light towards it and up to date this has been an unknown scientific process.

In the next stage of the experiment, the researchers studied the behavior of the DNA molecule placed into a quartz container. The result was that the light still continued to be spirally rotated, though the molecule was no longer present there on a physical level. The only possible explanation for the observed phenomenon is that there is a special energy field , which is something like a twin energy of the molecule, continuing to store the captured light.

In the human body there are trillions of DNA molecules. The theory of Peter Garyaev suggests that there exists a twin energy body of the material body. This statement in turn overlaps with the famous theory of Alexander Gurwitsch and some other scientists, according to which there is a data field of energy that dictates the cells what to do regarding the information stored in that field.

Genetic codes may not be found only in our DNA

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