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Gemstone of the Month – Blue Sapphire

By Macrogers
Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire


Probably no other birthstone has created such an enigma and mystique for itself then the royal and romantic Blue Sapphire, cherished stone of the planet Saturn. This charismatic stone derives its name from the Latin word “Sapphirus, Greek word “Sappheiros”, and Sanskrit word “Sanipryam” meaning “The Blue Stone”. It is possibly one of the most valued stone around the globe, for its sheer beauty, appeal, and durability. Much known for its rich color variations, this stone exists in virtually all hues of blue ranging from deep rich royal blue color to light or pale indigo tones. Since time immemorial Sapphire is also considered as one of the hardest precious gemstone, as it is rated 9 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness and stands just second to Diamonds. Allied with scared effects for ages now, Blue Sapphire is eternally considered a regal gemstone among all the others; a precious stone marked in the history, one which lore’s virtually every religious conviction.

Blue sapphire birthstone of the September born:

This enchanting Blue rock is the birthstone of the September born and hence it holds immense implication and importance too. From the age old times Blue Sapphire is thought to be the symbol of cosmos, a sentinel of innocence, bestower of genuineness, aficionado of good health, and guardian of virtue. This magnetic blue rock gives promising results for people, who are born under the zodiac signs Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra. This Blue birthstone is far believed to bring gifts of joy, inner peace, and also holds an incredibly powerful trans-formative energy that works promptly and drastically. Identified to be the royal stone of wisdom and learning, its pure blue rays bring rational acuity and fuller understanding of self.

Your luck with the blue rock:

Known to be the strongest and the fastest acting gemstone among the other precious stones, Blue sapphire can implement as much harm as good. It is said that if this magical rock stands favorable, then it can sanctify one with immense luck, riches, and affluence. It reacts in such an impressive manner benefits of which can be witnessed through sudden financial gains, accomplishment in work, and drastic upsurge in business. This sparkling Blue gemstone is also a suggested gift for the 5th, 45th, and 65th wedding anniversaries.

Blue sapphire the gemstone of royalty:

This regal stone feels incredibly elegant when crafted artistically into designer jewelry pieces, rings, and classic earrings. Known to be the stone of the royals, this fascinating stone presents a unique amalgam of diverse hues and tones which matches to every ensemble and that, is the very reason why jewelry designers and fashion moguls prefer his rock. This mesmerizing Blue stone blends perfectly with shimmering diamonds and other gemstones so as to present an artistic creation in side-stone rings to vintage rings or classic stud’s earrings to shimmering neck-pieces. The regal blue rock blends in perfectly with any diamond shape and presents quite a sparkling fusion when set in either precious metals like gold or platinum. Statement Jewelry is temporary but certain gemstones are marked forever and last for a lifetime, this is what defines the mystique Blue Sapphire perfectly, for it has been the prized gemstone of the past generation and many more to come in the near future.

Wear and care:

The charismatic blue sapphire is mostly recognized for its hardness and hence can be cleaned without much effort. But as it is advised for most valuable gemstones, one should not let it come in contact with harsh chemicals as this can damage the stone surface. From the time it is worn, this blue rock shows its effect within a short span of 3 seconds to as long as 3 days.

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