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Gelt Together Cookies

By The Dreams Weaver
Chanukah is one of my favorite holidays! I usually make some ugly Chanukah sweater iced sugar cookies, but this year I’m all about easy recipes! I purchased a bunch of bags of gelt from Trader Joe’s, and figured I can ‘decorate’ thick sugar cookies rolled in blue sugar with a gelt. I’ve seen similar ideas with Hershey kisses or nuts, so why not gelt? The combo works perfectly together. Make them for your Chanukah gelt together and they will be a showstopper! {see what I did there with geLt?!}Gelt Together Cookies ~ The Dreams WeaverWhat you will need:Sugar cookie dough (my easy recipe here)I swapped butter for oil 1:1 here and worked perfectlySanding sugar or sprinklesGeltGelt Together Cookies ~ The Dreams WeaverDirections:Follow directions here through chilling the dough. 
Once the dough has chilled, preheat the oven to 350°. 
Form 1” balls of dough using a small cookie scoop or eyeballing. The dough should yield approximately 24 cookies. Flatten the balls slightly to form a disc.Gelt Together Cookies ~ The Dreams WeaverRoll the edges in blue sanding sugar, or sprinkles, or whatever your heart desires!Gelt Together Cookies ~ The Dreams WeaverBake for 10 minutes. While the cookies are baking, unwrap your gelt. Gelt Together Cookies ~ The Dreams WeaverWhen the 10 minutes are up, quickly press a gelt in the center of each cookie before it sets. Then return to the oven for another 2 minutes. Gelt Together Cookies ~ The Dreams WeaverMy son helped me with this stage, just had to remind him the tray was hot and left the oven mitt on it so he didn’t get burned. Gelt Together Cookies ~ The Dreams WeaverAllow the cookies and chocolate to cool completely before handling. 
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