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Geek Love; Tee & Cake

By Jacabag @jacabag
I currently have a bit of an obsession with the collection from Tee & Cake at Topshop.
It's like the need to have a scientific poster on your wall when you're at uni, (I had the periodic table) but instead on a t-shirt for all to see.
Recently its become my secret dream to be a natural history geek working on the cloning of Tasmanian tigers. A little bit nische, but it's just a daydream afterall. So for now I'm settling for showing my love of natural history in a tee.
Geek Love; Tee & CakeMy favorite is this bird design, mostly because it has a sparrow on it. My bird of choice, and my (other) nickname.
Geek Love; Tee & CakeGeek Love; Tee & Cake
But now I'm also tempted by these new shark and dinosaur design.
Geek is still cool, right?

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