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Geek. And Nerd.

Posted on the 09 November 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m

Geek. I had seen this word on so many websites that I finally decided to Google for it. Well, I don’t mean to say I ­­­­­­was completely unaware of the subject. I figured out, from the contexts and common sense, that it had to do something with those kind of people who knew too much, or was brainy and, well, nerdy. I also thought it had to do with tech and computes, as I found the word on tech-related articles. Like many others, I click on a Wikipedia page, if Google does return one. And so I did.  I wasn’t  actually very surprised. I had guessed right. At least some part of it. But I did get a hint that geeks were mostly regarded as un-cool. Now, I didn’t expect that. I thought that computer people were very cool, not to mention the fact that I considered  myself to be a computer  guy too, since I had lived with PCs since I was about three.
Another word, which I thought was synonymous to ‘geek’ was ‘nerd’. Wiki says it is a term referring to an intelligent but single minded person with a nonsocial pursuit. Now, that’s crazy. My cousin calls me ‘nerd’ whenever I get A-pluses.  Yet, im not that single minded. Wiki also says that nerds are usually excluded from physical activity (which I am, greatly), and are shy and unattractive (not me!).But I really do think the definition of these words have changed since. Im not un-cool, yet im called a nerd, and many bloggers do boast of being geeky. They even have their blogs’ name that include words like these.  What do you think about the words?

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