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Gardening Tip: The Right Way to Deadhead a Butterfly Bush

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

I was out in the garden today, deadheading our butterfly bushes and thought I’d post some pics of the correct way to deadhead the plant so that nourishment is not lost on the dead blooms.
These plants usually bloom in threes… there will generally be a bloom in the middle and one on each side.  To take the dead bloom off:  snip the whole stem — with the dead bloom — off (leaving about a half inch) at the point where the three stems (with blooms) come together. This will enable the plant to nourish the living blooms and encourage further growth.
Gardening Tip:  The right way to deadhead a butterfly bushGardening Tip:  The right way to deadhead a butterfly bush
Also, for future reference, when these are done for the season, you will want to cut them back almost to the ground.  Just clip them about 2-3 inches above the ground!

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