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Gallery Wall Update and a Quick Trick for Hanging Picture Frames

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1
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Gallery Wall Update and a Quick Trick for Hanging Picture Frames

Gallery Wall by Chic California

When I decluttered my office for its big makeover, I ended up with a hodgepodge of photo frames without a home. Luckily they were all black so I knew I could work them  into my gallery wall. The only problem is that they weren’t all frames that can hang on walls. Most of them were frames that have the stand so they can sit on a desk.

back of picture frame

No problem. With a little Macgyver DIY I converted those picture frames and got them hung on my gallery wall. (That backing really collects fuzz!) I just used a piece of string to wrap around the photo holder clips and then I hung that on the nail. Yes, I probably could have used picture wire or something fancier but I was doing some DIY on the fly.

Gallery Wall by Chic California

I added this free printable that I found over at The DIY Mommy. I pinned it for you right here.  I didn’t want to do anything too fall specific. I printed this one out on card stock and I will probably leave it up through Thanksgiving.


I picked up these California and Ohio hand painted signs from a vendor at The Spotted Cow, where I have my booth space. I didn’t have her put any stars on the Ohio sign because we have lived all over that state. I would have stars everywhere!

Ohio sign

Home is wherever we are togetherThis seemed fitting as well! I bought this awhile ago when I had my retail space at a different store. But I love it still!

Gallery Wall 2This Gallery Wall is all coming together. I have a few spaces I still need to fill in and I would like to cover the doorbell and thermostat. Which may mean doing some rearranging at some point. But that’s kind of how things go around here!

Gallery Wall 3


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