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Galaxy Nails.

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
galaxy nails.
I'm still stuck in bed with this fluey bug so I apologize for no outfit posts. But today I can provide you with a 'nail post'...I've been seeing these galaxy nails quite a bit recently and thought I'd give it a go. I'll be honest, I'm crap with any nail art and unfortunately don't have the steadiest of hands, this is a definite work in progress, so please bare with me whilst I try to master this! I only had fine glitter nail varnish on hand rather then the chunky sort, so have had to use that instead. I think I'm gonna buy some, paint it over test out
how that looks (I will post a pic!).Here's a step by step guide on how to achieve galaxy nails. It sounds like alot of effort but I promise It's very easy and quick to do!
*Dark blue nail polish*Dark purple nail polish*Pearly white nail polish*Clear nail polish*Clear glitter nail polish*Makeup sponge
1. Paint a dark blue base on your nails, apply two coats if needed.
2. Once dry, cut your makeup sponge to a workable size, e.g. around 5cm in length and 1cm in width.
3. Pour a small amount of blue, purple and white nail varnish seperately on to a tin foil tray, then dab the sponge into your colours and apply to nail. Build up gradually until nicely textured and color is as desired.
4. Whilst your nails are still tacky, apply clear nail polish so that the colours merge together to create a 'marbley' effect.
5. When dry, apply clear glitter nail polish.
6. Apply a coat of clear polish to get a glossy effect!

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