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Gaga Denies Exploiting The LGBT Community For Record Sales

Posted on the 06 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright
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Lady Gaga has spoken out against accusations that she is “milking” her LGBT fans to make money. Gaga, who has become synonymous with LGBT culture as much as glitter and drag queens has developed a LGBT fan base that isn’t comparable to any other LGBT icon in history. Unfortunately, with that level of fame, critics (in both the heterosexual and LGBT communities) seem to waste no time in trying to knock the music superstar out of her customized platform shoes every chance they get.

In a recent article with The Advocate, Gaga expands on why she feels a kinship with her LGBT fans.

“My love for my gay fans is just pure, authentic love for them as supporters of me from the beginning, and me feeling connected to their struggles as someone who is a part of their fight. To say that I would use the gay community to sell records is probably one of the most ridiculous statements anyone can make about me.”

Truthfully, we all know worse has been broadcasted about her but in the days where anyone dying to be famous will cash in on any viable opportunity, you can never be too sure. Although, one would think she would be prepared for the skepticism, being that she considers herself bisexual, she feels that the LGBT community is part of her as well.

So, is Gaga banging out LGBT anthems to promote her “gay agenda” or is she using her celebrity as a way to bring focus to those that are often marginalized or deemed less than in mainstream media?

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