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G Day is Finally Here

By Chooksandroots @chooksandroots

After all the hard work landscaping the garden (alright, not by me, personally – I had help!), and all the saving up pennies throughout the summer, my new greenhouse arrived today – complete with automatic openers and finials. Yes, you heard right… finials!

Two friendly chaps from ‘oop north’ arrived at 8.30 prompt this morning and after I made them a brew, they quickly set to work.

Just over an hour later, ta-da! there it was. The eaves are higher than normal, and even higher in mine as it’s on top of sleepers, and one chap asked if I had a very tall husband (he could plainly see that there were no ‘long ‘n’ lanky genes’ in my makeup!). I replied, “no, but I hope to grow a very tall cucumber next year.”

I thought I would share the story ‘From bombsite to lovelyness’ in pictures…

G Day is finally here

The bombsite at the start

The wasteland. The chicken coop used to be here until we made them a mansionat the bottom of the garden. The shrubs were tired, so we decided to whip them all out. One look at the stubborn dogwood though, and we decided we needed help!

The area is cleared

One day later, our ‘man what can’ had worked like a trooper…

G Day is finally here

Greenhouse base and raised bed in place

New fence panel in, raised bed in place and greenhouse base down. Oh, and concrete edgers ready for the gravel.

G Day is finally here

All ready for the greenhouse!

Gravel path – check… greenhouse ordered – check… credit card groaned – check!

Finally - the greenhouse... note the finials!

I now need to have good look through my seeds and ‘Greenhouse Expert’ book to see what I can do in there between now and spring… Exciting times indeedy!

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