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Future of YouTube: Collaboration

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
In my last post i said about the state of Youtube and the way the community has changed over the past few years and this is mainly down to the money and the people who want to be "YouTube Famous" but there are still good things about the community as many content providers work in collaboration with friends, family and companies  and the results are always good to see as it creates good content worth viewing.
Summer in the city is arriving to London in the next few weeks and the growth of meet-ups and gatherings are a great thing as it brings together the community and makes new contacts that will help youtube to grow.
I had a message about my last blog post saying this:
"why you hating on the youtube community your just a troll go die in hole you.... (swearing rant)"
(i paraphrased it to save the swearing from polluting this blog post...)
ok so from people like this who send me a message don't seem to realize that this blog is my opinion and that i was stating a clear fact that youtube is a community that is changing  and i can see that the community is changing the for many misguided reasons.
 I have watched many videos and read many blogs stating the same facts and because i state fact that youtube has changed doesn't mean i am a troll or got anything against youtube it is just a clear situation that is unfolding around the Internet community.
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