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Future of Humans

By Ankur Upadhyay

FUTURE... a word that has mystified every single human soul on Earth.  Everyone wants to have an idea about their future.. But what about future of humans as a whole.. What is going to happen with us?? How will we shape the future of Earth?? But most importantly, how will future shape us in,  say 1000 years or 1,00,000 years for that matter.

The future is always unknown, especially the distant future, but that shouldn’t stop us from making educated guesses. That’s exactly what artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm did with help from Dr. Alan Kwan, who has a doctorate in computational genomics from Washington University. Their starting point was the question: “What do you think the human face might look like in 100,000 years and why?”

From there, they reasoned out how humanity with advanced genetic engineering technology might reshape itself over time, taking over the role played by natural selection so far. Lamm then created a series of images of what he thinks the human face might look like 20,000 years, 60,000 years and 100,000 years in the future

Present :

Faces of future 1

After 20,000 years :

Faces of future 2

There are some changes in this image, but there are still no major changes. Heads are a bit bigger to accommodate larger brains, and those yellow rings that you see in the models’ eyes are special lenses that act kind of like Google Glass does today, but in a much more powerful way

After 60,000 years :

Faces of the future 3

In this image, we’re starting to see some major changes. Heads are even larger, but the eyes have grown too. Lamm speculates that this would be a result of human colonization of the solar system, with people living farther away from the sun where there is less light. Skin pigmentation would change and our eyelids would become thicker to offer more protection against UV rays for those living outside of the Earth’s protective ozone layer.

After 1,00,000 years :

Faces of the future 4

In this image,  Lamm predicts big changes, the most notable of which is the big Japanese Manga-style eyes that may feature “eye-shine enhance low-light vision and even a sideways blink from re-constituted plica semilunaris” to offer extra protection against cosmic rays. These futuristic faces follow the golden ratio proportions and are perfectly symmetrical from left to right, and have larger nostrils to make breathing in off-planet environments easier, as well as denser hair to contain heat loss from their even larger heads. Various implants might allow the man and woman of the future to always be connected, but these would be subtle and almost invisible.

Nickolay Lamm and Dr. Kwan stress that this is not a prediction, but rather speculation (“one possible timeline”), and that it is impossible to know for sure what the future holds. This is just their answer to the question “What do you think the human face might look like in 100,000 years and why?” There are, without a doubt, many other answers, some of which might seem more plausible. But it’s interesting food for thought.But all that is just speculation, one of many possible futures. The bottom line is we can all have an impact on how the future turns out, so let’s make it a good one.

There was a genetic study on human evolution in 90s and it's results were very striking.. It told us that first we will loose all body hair because of ever more constant life in temperature/humidity controlled environments (aircon), fur has been progressively lost by us because of the discovery of fire, then heating and it's diffusion. It's demonstrated that male baldness has increased by 10% in just the past century. 

What do you guys think?? Is it possible to predict future on such a large timescale??

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