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Funny Situational Irony Figure of Speech Sentences Examples

Posted on the 02 February 2017 by Lifecoachbloggers

Here is a list of funny situational and verbal irony figure of speech that has happened in my everyday real life:-

Funny Irony Figure of Speech Examples

Funny Irony Figure of Speech Examples

I was reading this “10 tips to build good relationship with your wife” and the fourth tip said “listen to her, people love people who listen, so, listen to her very actively looking into her eyes and acknowledge her views” while I was reading this sentence she was actually yelling at me saying “This is the fourth time I’m telling you to go and buy some milk for our kid”I yelled at 5 of my friends who called me while I was reading the book "how to make friends and keep them all through the life"I have just started reading "how to stop worrying and start living". But I'm little worried if I will be able to complete it.Sometimes life is like that. Today morning, it was raining heavily but not even a single drop of water in the overhead tank as there was a 10-hour power shutdown in my area.
1.   stops crying when A presenter gave me a tip on how to conduct an effective presentation, and here he goes "While you present, please don't repeat what you say, because repetition can annoy people, so please don't repeat what you say, know... it can annoy people, So my point here is don't repe..."I bought this revolutionary book "Improve your super power memory" last week but I forgot were I kept this book.I recently attended "Communication Skills Workshop". The presenter started "Effective communication is KISS-Keep It Short and Simple." And the workshop lasted for solid 5 days from 9 AM till 6.30 PM -- no coffee/tea breaks. They could made the duration of the workshop little shorter -- say, 3 weeks.This author has written a book titled "How Humor Works and Why People Laugh" but in a serious manner.I wish people follow what they say. Last evening, I had a doctor's appointment. I noticed "smile please" poster displayed on the doctor's cabin door. I thought, let me give a try and with an animated vibrant smile I got into the doctor's cabin. He said "YOU MUST KNOCK THE DOOR BEFORE ENTERING. YOU UNDERSTAND?" with a rude tone.
nobody is prefect in this world...sorry, is repfec....
There are several figure of speech that are used to bring humor or comedy in everyday speech Like onomatopoeia, paradox, pun, procatalepsis and zeugma to name a few.

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