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Fun Week!

Posted on the 24 February 2013 by Ayeshahalam @ayeshahalam
Television was so much fun this week!!! Came across a new BBC Two mini series. If you have enjoyed the stuff I  have enjoyed that means you and I have similar taste... in which case you have to watch

Dancing On The Edge

Fun Week!
The show is about a black jazz band in London in the early 1930's and I strongly recommend it. High drama, and as the tag line says... a story of love, music and ambition... THUMBS UP!!

Suits finale finally aired and I have to say... I expected more from the finale.. felt like a bit of a let down...but its a great show.. and I'm sure the next season will kick butt again!!
Another one of a series I avidly followed started again with its third season

Body of Proof

Fun Week!
This show seems to get better with time.. it really has developed really well... if you haven't caught it yet... catch up quick.. the third season just began.. so do a marathon weekend and you will be all caught up. Don't have a trailer yet.. but as soon as I find one ... I will of course post it up here for you

Greys Anatomy

... has become fantastic again... its picked up and feels like the writers are all excited again... really enjoyed this week's episode
Fun Week!
If you are not up to speed on the show ... don't watch the trailer... but get up to speed.. is worth your time 

Now if you are into mini series.. one I recently came across though it came out in 1999, is 

Wives & Daughters

Fun Week!
very Jane Austin type of story.. and again worth your time if you enjoy period dramas

and of course 


Fun Week!
I can't say this enough...if you are not watching this...you are missing out on a fab show..

This  is a trailer from Season 2....
And last but not least a brand new British comedy on Sky Living called

The Spa

Fun Week!
Unfortunately the British are also very slow in getting promotional material out..so no trailer for this either..its a light comedy and is good if you have just seen something heavy and want quick light entertainment. Happy viewing and of course leave a comment and/or write to me [email protected]

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