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Fun. – “Some Nights” (2012)

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Catchmyear @catchmyear

Fun Some NightsNow I know it’s suppose to be new music Tuesday, and this album was released back in 2012.  Well to someone just discovering the band Fun.  this is new music to them.  Plus I am also seeing the band in concert on Thursday night at Summerfest.

This was the second studio album from this group and was released February of 2012.  The first single off this album also help make this band a house hold name.  “We Are Young” was that single.  This was used in TV advertising and topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart along with the Alternative Song Chart.  This was a smart move on the bands part to release this single first because it is very catchy and can be used in ads to get the viewer to recognize the sound of the group.  Even tho’ this song has been played a lot I still can’t help but listen to it and sing along.

The next single that everyone knows off this album is the album’s title track “Some Nights”.  Now this one really grabbed my attention.  I feel like this song sounds a lot like Queen (if you don’t know who they are you may now Google them!)  I like how this song has a different sound to it from the previous single off this album.  Also it’s so catchy you want to just sing along right away.

Now I have to say if you have two good songs that are amazing singles sometimes the whole CD just loses the spark.  Well it doesn’t stop with these two songs I can tell you that.  The recent song that has been getting a lot of play and is their new single is called “Carry On”.  Now with this song show the slower side of the band the emotion the band can do.  They do this so well that when you hear the song you can’t help but stop.  And right after the first time they do the chorus this kick it all in.  That is really something that is hard to do but they are able to pull it off like they own it.

My next favorite song that is almost on every playlist is “Why Am I the One”.  This song is another slower one but the lyrics are so well written that when you listen there is a connection.  Now compared to the last song I talked about they stay in the slower tempo and have a more organic sound to it and it’s a nice change.  I can see this one performed at a coffee shop.

All of the songs I have mentioned are must gets.  Now iTunes has the album with a extra song called “Out On The Town”.  I have to say I wish this was on the regular album because I love it!  This song is a must get if you can.

So is this album worth the money. OH YEAH!  I am giving it a 4/5 stars just because some songs got kinda blah but it all flows together so well and tells an amazing story.  Also if you are getting the album I would get the one on iTunes because it is the same price as you would get from anywhere else.

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