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Fruit Custard| Fruit Salad with Custard

By Simplytadka1
Fruit Custard| Fruit salad with Custard
Fruit custard is one of simplest and healthy dessert which loved by adults and kids both equally. For this recipe, you have to boil the milk and cook with custard mixture and serve chilled with chopped seasonal fruits which you prefer or like. It’s a perfect summer treat or even you can serve as dessert after meal. You can also add slivered nuts like cashews or almonds which gives an extra crunchy taste. Always try to choose colourful fruits which makes bowl so attractive and vibrant.
Fruit Custard| Fruit salad with Custard
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes Cooking Time: 10 Minutes Servings: 4 Category: Dessert
Ingredients: 2 Cup Milk + 1/4 Cup Milk 3 Tbsp. Vanilla Flavored Custard Powder 3 Tbsp. Sugar 1 Cup Mix fruits (Grapes, Apricot, banana, apple, papaya, orange) Few Almond, chopped
Instructions: Chop the fruits into cubes and keep aside. Boil the 2 cup mix in sauce pan on medium flame. Mix the custard powder with 1/4 cup of milk without any lumps. Combine custard mixture and sugar in boiling milk and mix well. The mixture will start thickening and keep stirring until to creamy texture. Keep aside to cool at room temperature and serve chilled with mix fruits and almonds halves. Notes: The custard will get thickened on refrigerating also so the consistency should be a bit runny.
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