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Frugal Fashion Friday - Leather for Spring (or Anytime)

By Realgirlrunway @realgirlrunway
Today is another installment in our spring fashion for curvy girls series.  I'm sure you're wondering why this is also a Frugal Fashion Friday post.  You all know I believe in remixing your clothes. I also believe in quality over fast fashion.  However, sometimes inexpensive fashion can also be quality.  Case in point are the two jackets in the outfit photos below. They are both faux leather.  I love leather but I found these jackets for bargain prices and I wear them both as much or more than my leather. The black cross zip, biker jacket is from Target. I scored it more than two years ago and I wear it constantly.  It's great with jeans and a t-shirt.  I also love it over a dress or a maxi skirt. The olive moto jacket has interesting detail and goes with everything.
Frugal Fashion Friday - Leather for Spring (or anytime)
Frugal Fashion Friday - Leather for Spring (or anytime)
Frugal Fashion Friday - Leather for Spring (or anytime)
I personally love jackets to lend polish or interest to an outfit.  Add a black, cross zip, biker jacket to a simple t-shirt and jeans and your instantly transformed into a bad ass (well in my mind, anyway). Add a biker or moto jacket to a pretty skirt and it toughens it up and it gives it edge. These jackets are also transitional pieces. I wear mine spring, summer and fall. They're ageless and timeless pieces that anyone can wear, no matter their size.
Faux leather can look cheap. I've seen faux leather jackets that aren't fooling anyone.  They don't look like leather at all.  The key is the finish and detail.  Does the faux leather feel or look plastic? Make sure it gives the appearance of real leather. Check the hardware. Are the zippers good quality? Are the snaps or buttons set well? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you have a high quality, faux leather jacket.  I paid about $30 for each of these jackets. These jackets have been a great value. The price per wear is pennies and they are still going strong.
Obviously, I wear leather (or faux leather) regardless of trend.  Leather is a classic look that transcends time.  A quality leather or faux leather jacket is a great buy that you can wear for years.
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