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Frugal Fashion Friday - Bedroom Makover Under $150

By Realgirlrunway @realgirlrunway
I've been feeling the need for change lately. We haven't done any redecorating in our house in years and that along with the need to refresh and declutter, has pushed me to do a bedroom makeover. There are statistics that say we spend about one third of our life sleeping. That time in addition to relaxation time before we sleep means that we spend tons of time in our bedrooms. Having an inviting and relaxing space is important. I didn't want to change our wall color. It's a soothing blue (with a lavender undertone) called Paris Evening. Our budget was no more than $200.

photo credit: Little Green Notebook

The ideas started last March with this post on my favorite decorating and DIY blog, Little Green Notebook. I saw the DIY tutorial for the silver leaf bedside tables (above) and I knew I had to do the same thing in our bedroom. As luck would have it, I found two bedside tables at Goodwill for $50 (more than a year ago). I bought them on the spot and they've been sitting in the garage ever since. I promised {msL} I would wait until after the wedding to work on them. Then I was swamped with work. The warm weather lately is a good sign. It's time to open the garage door and get going. The rug we had in the bedroom was the final catalyst I needed. It was worn and looked terrible. I purchased it about six years ago at Wal-Mart for about $30. It wasn't a good quality rug and it needed to be replaced. I read about on Little Green Notebook. When I got a notice about a 50% off sale, I took a look and found a fantastic rug (below) for $75. We have a faux leather storage bench at the foot of bed that is looking worn on top. The bones are still good and recovering the top is also on my project list. I'm not big on matchy matchy.  I'd looked at possibly buying a gold rug (bright yellow, not metallic) but found the purple one instead. I found some great gold velvet on (and it's on sale!). I'll be ordering that to reupholster the bench. The whole redo process will take a few weeks but I will post pictures when we're finished.
Frugal Fashion Friday - Bedroom Makeover

 The good news is that the final total will come to less than $150. Since I've already purchased the bedside tables and the silver leaf supplies (more than a year ago), they aren't part of my current budget total.
Rug   $75
Bed Linens   $32
Curtains   $19
Wall Lamps   $16
Fabric   $7
TOTAL   $149

Even if I include the beside table DIY, the total cost is still less than $250. A great frugal redo! I can't wait to show you all the finished product.
Happy Friday Real Girls!
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