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FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!

By Thebeautyscoop
FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!Hello there, sorry I've been a bit absent for the last couple of days, Christmas has been a hectic one where I haven't managed to get much time at my computer, not even on my new laptop either (that I rather ironically got for Christmas from Mr Beauty Scoop).
FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with lots of lovely presents? Feel free to tell me what you've been given in the comments below - I'm always interested to find out (and a little nosey too haha)! I'll be putting up a post with my gifts when I am back at home, although I didn't actually get many beauty related gifts this year, unfortunately (still, I'll treat myself in the sales)!
Anyway, this is just a quick post to show you the swatches from the FrontCover Packing Case gift set that I mentioned in my Last Minute Gifts From Boots! post! I've only got swatches of the eyeshadows and blushers, as unfortunately the other photographs with the lip gloss on are at home on my other computer.
FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!The shadows are lovely, very pigmented and they apply very well too as their texture allows for a smooth application with fantastic blendability - I'll do an EOTD with these for you soon. :-)
FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!The blusher shades that are included are very shimmery, not glittery really but they are very glowy so if you prefer matte blush shades, these may not be your ideal shades. They are lovely all the same, and some make great highlighters too.
FrontCover Packing Case - Swatches!I've shown the blushers individually and also mixed together to give you some idea of what they would all look like when blended - obviously this will be different for everybody depending on your skintone and how heavily you mix the colours etc.
This was £18, but will now be £9 in the Boots 50% sale. x

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