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By Marensmorsels @marentweets


This afternoon I took my Grandma over to Carmel, Ca to pick up some shoes she’d ordered from a fancy shoe store in the Barnyard.

From Scratch is a local restaurant just below Hedi’s (the shoe store) and one of my Grandma’s favorite places to eat. It’s a fun little breakfast 24/7 joint that also has a pretty fabulous sandwich menu so I was 100% game to go.




The restaurant is so cute! Even the salt and pepper shakers are hand painted.


Most of the guests were sitting outside and it was a lovely day, but my Grandma gets cold easily so we chose to dine inside.





I ordered the B.L.A.T (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato) sandwich with a side of crab macaroni salad. I couldn’t resist trying the macaroni salad.



The salad was so yummy! I loved the broccoli, such a nice added surprise. There was also a plethora of crab.

The sandwich was divine too! They used just the right amount of bacon. I don’t like B.L.T’s. that have too much bacon! Gross.


I cleaned my plate and spotted this sign that I just had to share!


I hope one day to have something similar hanging in my kitchen.

After lunch we did a little walking around the Barnyard and shoe shopping, LOVE!


The Barnyard is gorgeous! I love all the flowers.



After lunch I took my Grandma home and did something so crazy (for me).



While getting some gas I spotted the Baskin Robbins right across the street and I instantly found myself darting across the intersection and buying a kiddy scoop of premium Neapolitan ice cream. I never do this, seriously! I really surprised myself.


On the way home from the basketball game, that we lost 32-40, I stopped and picked up some beer.


I may, or may not have sung happily “B, double E, double r-u-n. Beer Run” on the way home…

And I made myself a mini plate of pot roast with potato and carrot.


Half a sourdough english muffin for slopping up the juice.


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