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From Blogging to Writing for STYLIGHT Magazine

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
A lot of work and the death of my beloved paternal grandmother is the main reason of my disappearance on Incognito. I like to be dedicated in what I do hence my immersion into the world of STYLIGHT. As for my grandmother, her leaving us when I am not even in France saddened (and I am still torned whilst writing you) me horribly. A feeling of loneliness suddenly invaded me. None of my relative was there to mourn with me and I wasn't in France to mourn with my dad and all our family. It's my first time coping with such a situation when abroad so I must admit that handling it is a real «challenge» to me. But fortunately all my STYLIGHT family is there to cheer me up and I have to thank all my team and colleagues to be there for me. So here I am back to blogging!
Like a blogger, my internship makes me wear a lot of hats. During the same day I can be a social media manager, a community manager, a translator, a subeditor but also an editor. Though some of my tasks look similar to what I usually do at Incognito nonetheless they are slightly different from what I am used to. The main reason behind it being that I am not my own boss at my workplace. Among the many hats I have to wear for Incognito and STYLIGHT, I want to tell you about my role as an editor.
On Incognito I am my own editor. I choose what to publish according to my taste. I created a calendar* (which you can find here) in order to give me a rythm in my writing but also to always have you coming for something new on the blog. Another thing I did was decided on a theme for the days I post for you to know when to come on the site. I also proofread everything I write to avoid grammar, ortograph and syntax mistakes (though I know my English is not perfect). There is obviously a good part of research to be able to write my articles and then finally comes the writing. When I was a student I actually had much more time to do all of this. In the end I only had lessons 4 days a week and I could easily divide my time between studying and blogging.From blogging to writing for STYLIGHT Magazine
Until a few months ago, my work on STYLIGHT Magazine only consisted in translating and proofreading the articles written by my peers. But with the launching of the new version of the magazine and a lot of perseverance, I can proudly say now I am allowed to write in it. I insisted on being an editor for it to acquire a different experience. As far as I am serious about Incognito , it's still a blog which means it's both very subjective and self-centred. By self-centred I want to express the fact that I mostly write at the first person, speak about what I like, what I do, what I want, in brief there is a lot of my ego in Incognito (no wonder in Spain fashion bloggers and more accurately personal style one are called ego bloggers). 
Writing your own blog and writing for a publication are definitely two different things.

My request to write for STYLIGHT Magazine was not done out of the blue, it was a choice I made to see if I am able to:

  • adapt to a format
  • embrace an aesthetic different of mine
  • being given directions by someone else
  • adapt my writing and my content to the publication
  • take in account that the magazine doesn't work by itself but is here to support the community
  • exchange ideas and agree or disagree on them with my co-workers
Who has ever seen me writing about trends on this blog? Did I ever speak about personal style bloggers? (Ah sorry, true I did in this article..) Did I ever tell you about Fashion Weeks? (Again sorry, true I did but only about the korean one). These are some of the themes tackled by STYLIGHT Magazine that I will now have to write on. It is challenging because these themes though part of fashion are not what I am used to and it is again challenging because I have to write them having STYLIGHT in mind and NOT what I have in mind. Can you perceive the difference? I don't consider it as a loss of personality in my writing style, I just conceive it as a way to perceive fashion in another light.So what are the most difficult things I have to adapt with as an editor for STYLIGHT Magazine? Gathering informations and actually writing! Surprising right? But with all my daily tasks I hardly find the time to do so. Then I guess constantly writing at the 1stperson on Incognito turned me into a real egocentric person since I can't help but always thinking about how I would write for my blog first instead of focusing on STYLIGHT when writing for the magazine. I told you, we are not called ego bloggers for nothing.

From blogging to writing for STYLIGHT Magazine
This said, I didn't write yet that much on STYLIGHT Magazine but still you can read my first piece here (and if you are French you can even read me en français ici !).
In your opinion did I succeed in adapting to STYLIGHT aesthetic? Let me know in the comments below !
*As for the calendar I will always respect it, but I will not publish 3 times a week anymore but only once.

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