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Fringe Freak-Out Or Fringe Favour??

By Cgajid @cgajid
At Vinchi HQ, we have been praising the sunny weather recently (although it won't last) but for once we are going to moan about it; just for a bit.
Fringes are back on the hair scene and they make a big statement to the focal point of the human body: The face. Being as the fringe is such an attraction, will you look so attractive when it's hot, sunny and your fringe look as though you've put too much bryll cream in? We don't think so!
We need a solution and that solution has to be Vintage Chic!
Don't freak out and Do your fringe a favour! At we are selling a fabulous vintage blue floral head scarf for an eye popping 5 pounds!! These scarves are a huge craze on the high street at the moment and are brilliant at pushing your fringe out the way with style. So stay chic, stay vintage!
Vinchi offers a range of original vintage garments for extremely low prices! Keep posted to see what's hot in the vintage shop.
Vinchi x
P.S- Katy is rocking the head scarf ;)
Fringe Freak-Out Favour??

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