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By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
If you're like me, you'll have several bags and boxes and drawers and even precious wardrobe spaced filled with unwanted, unloved or clothes that just don't fit like they use to. Though, I don't know about you, but I'm sick of eBay's listing and selling fee's, Paypal's little cut, asos market places' rules (how can you take a picture wearing it, if it doesn't fit?!) or the limit of items you can put big cartel. If you're like me in that sense too, and don't want your blog constantly clogged up with blog sales, let me introduce you to Friendly Fashion.

Friendly Fashion's is to help people buy into fashion in a more meaningful way. And the concept is pretty simple: whatever has been lying at the back of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for a while can be uploaded to the site for others to buy from you. You can also swap with other members and give away your clothes, shoes, accessories you might be bored of.  The site is completely free to use, and so simple. You don't even need to sign up as you can login in with Facebook! You can trawl the website, and when an item catches your eye, you simply click the button that says 'I want it!' and you message the seller. Easy as pie. The site has no set payment method, which means you have Paypal, google checkout or a bank transfer, but they do recommend you stick to Paypal just to be on the safe side. Apart from encouraging you to express your stlye via a more meaningful consumption, they also encourage you to take part in the community where you can chat to members by clicking on their profile and sending a message, or talking about tips, tricks and other subjects in their forum and they also have a blog, like all good websites do these days. They will soon be undergoing a face lift too, so they will also look muuuuch prettier! Do you think you will be using Friendly Fashion? What do you think of their concept and their website all together? I'd love to hear your thoughts. I for one will definitely be using it to sell my overflowing floordrobe. It costs nothing and you never know what gem you might find!

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