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Friend Vs. Enemy

By Mythreesearches

Friend vs. Enemy

If its ok with you, I would like to spend this entry discussing something other than one of my three searches.  This “something” is, in fact, you.

First and foremost, I thank you for finding what I have to say interesting enough to read, let alone “follow”.  Never did I expect that the “stats” page of my blog would reflect a number in the double digits.  My three sisters, two parents and one or two accidental clicks brought my grandest possible total to seven.  Eight on a good month. You can imagine what I must feel as that number is quickly approaching 5,000.  And just in case you can’t, I’ll spell it out for you – thankful and excited.

We have all watched countless episodes of Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, allowing us to recognize certain famous venues, House Hunters, both domestic and international, documenting the struggle of finding an apartment or home and of course Sex and the City written and produced to give us all hope that there is a happily every after out there for each of us.

So why has “My Three Searches” become a success? Isn’t it all already out there? To be honest, I’m not completely sure.  I entered into this world of blogging with the intent of sharing my story with family, some friends and, if I was lucky, a stranger or two.  But what I have found is the complete opposite.  I have found you - someone who resonates in one way or another with me.  And to me, you have become so much more than a stranger. You have become people whose comments I look forward to, take to heart and embrace.

As an incredibly pre-mature and very impulsive gesture I decided to order hot pink post cards with the details about my blog.  I ordered about 100 and after sending 5, realized I am short 95 contacts.  I decided to take a leap of faith and reach out to one of my followers whose comments I have come to expect.  I told her about my postcards and that I would like to send her one.  I asked what address I could send it to.  Even though I only sent the email yesterday, I can’t help but wonder why I have not hear back?  I was telling my dad about the story and he brought to my attention that she may not think it’s safe to share her contact information with a complete stranger who lives halfway around the world from her.  While this is a very valid point, it’s also terribly confusing.  Here is this girl who is the same age as I am, whose blog I follow religiously, who is blogging about experiences so similar to mine and yet we are strangers? We share embarrassing stories about bad dates and disappointing apartments but we can’t share our addresses, which would likely hold little meaning or understanding to either of us since we live in different countries?

So here I am, wondering are we friends or are we strangers?

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