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Friday’s Letters: Zombieland

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic
Friday’s Letters: Zombieland

Dear Topher
Earlier this week you showed me what’s really important and it made me realize that I will always be happy to give up some of my own comfort for you – my family. It will never be a sacrifice if it’s you. Thank you again for another blissful week of happiness and laughter. I enjoyed watching the Simpsons with you and laughing hysterically and reading through old issues of Cosmo to see if the male opinions are accurate. I love you – I don’t think I could ever say that enough.

Dear Andre
Welcome to your new home! You can’t even comprehend how excited I am that you’re living with me now; my little ray of sunshine. I don’t mind that you make so much noise when you should be quiet. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy sweet bird.

Dear LC
I am watching you! You are no longer an only child and Andre has every right to have my time attention as you do. Although I am paying Andre a little more attention, please never forget – you are the one who made me a “mother” – so don’t think I’ll forget that.

Dear sleep
I am MISSING you like crazy! I don’t know why I’ve found that staying up late is a good idea – it never is. I feel grumpy and unsettled and I fuck everything up – especially the little things – and it’s worrying me a lot. Urgh!

Dear Atomic HQ
Now that there are three ladies living on the premises – two animals and one lady – we need to keep some sort of order here. I hate that my vacuum cleaner is broken thanks to my brother and that there is (clean) washing still on the floor from last week, that my desk is cluttered with beauty products, mail and other miscellaneous paperwork and the fact that I haven’t made my bed all week… just makes me want to slap myself in the face for letting it get to this point! Untidiness, I can handle. A pigsty… BIG NO-NO! Not for Atomic HQ!

Friday’s Letters: Zombieland

Friday’s Letters: Zombieland


Friday’s Letters: Zombieland

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