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Friday’s Letters: You Light up Every Second of the Day

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic

Dear Joe
I hope you know that regardless what happens from day to day, I love you. Unconditionally. Especially this week.

Dear LC
This week you’ve been SO needy! Sleeping on my back when I’m trying to sleep, sitting on my lap when I’m doing my makeup and when I’m not home, you’re sleeping either on daddy’s pillow or making yourself into a Lamb taco. Pretty darn cute.

Dear Andre
I like your new feathers, particularly on top of your head. I like that they have that curl to it. Pretty envious of the perfect quiff you’re now sporting. I know I might have looked ridiculous all week trying to replicate your ‘do, but that’s just because I love it that much.

Dear Rain
I like you. But I like you better when I’m indoors with some hot chocolate and my beautiful man and pets around me, and not when I’m caught in it.

Dear B
I am so glad I got to see you twice this week. I can’t believe you’ll be gone in less than two weeks. It’ll be so sad.

Dear Brows
Thank you for giving me a week of strong, well behaved brow days. Game was strong.

Song playing throughout a cafe in Paddington…

Reese: What is this song? ‘You give me that old fashion feeling’?
Joe: ‘You lost that loving feeling’

Friday’s Letters: You light up every second of the day


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