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Friday’s Letters: You Are the Only Thing I Got Right

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic

Dear Joe
No words can describe how truly HAPPY I am being yours. My favorite moment this week was Monday morning, when you told me to turn around and cuddle you before the alarm went off again. I can’t wait til we have mornings like that everyday.
I will miss you when you’re in Canberra over the weekend, but I know there will be lots of lovin’ when you get back.
PS. Pretty sure I am more excited about this time next week more than you!

Dear LC
You have to understand that I don’t belong to JUST you. I’m shared between Joe, Andre and heaven forbid, another cat. Calm your farm because I will not put up with your grouchy behavior and I will not hesitate for keep you in the bathroom all night – again!

Dear Andre
I loved spoiling you last weekend and a bit through the week. You are so cute around Joe, it’s almost sickening!
PS. I promise I will teach him how to scratch your neck properly for next time.

Dear February
Hello my favorite month of year! I am delighted to see you. There’s lot of things happening this month, all of which I am super excited to do: Joe’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, going to a family dinner with Joe mid-month, more excursions around Sydney, including cider sessions and yummy food.
Very much looking forward to getting all romantical this month, I’m sure even YOU will think it’s corny.

Dear Allergies
You are KILLING me this week. I’ve lost sleep and made me extra exhausted by tagging along when I’m heading into work. Urgh! Just GO AWAY!

Dear Cold Weather
While you aren’t common in February, I like that you’ve made an early arrival, so WELCOME! That means I can finally wear my ridiculous knitted headband that no one else likes except Joe and I (and maybe perhaps Zoella). I look forward to Winter soups, snuggling and Winter woolies.

Dear Nails
Grow my darlings, GROW! I have some amazing nail art in mind for Valentine’s Day.

Dear Sushi
I’m addicted to you this week! I just wish I could have you every single day.

Dear Green Tea
You know I don’t like you, but just for the sake of this week (and maybe next week) I’m going to have a few cups of you everyday.

Dear Nephew-Cat
You are just too cute for words. Thank you for spending the night with me and not taking LC’s horrendous behavior to heart. I did enjoy cuddling you. I didn’t – however – appreciate you peeing in my kitchen. But it only happened once, so it’s OK.

Friday’s Letters: You are the only thing I got right


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