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Friday’s Letters: Let Go and Just Be Free

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic

Dear LC
Thank you for letting me use you as a pillow when I was ill earlier this week. You didn’t complain, you didn’t throw me off, you just knew that somehow I needed that sort of comfort. Also, thank you for the cuddles on Monday morning. I really needed that.

Dear Andre
So, I discover you’ve been having conversations with people in the lift lately and while that’s very exciting to think there’s another bird outside the door to have a conversation with, the noise you make is INSANE!

Dear Life
You sure know how to turn a girl’s life upside-down. I’m still getting used to how things are at the moment and I’m sure, once things start settling down again, you’re just going to throw another spanner in the works.

Dear Makeup
I sincerely apologize for wasting you this week. Although you got so many compliments – half a dozen people thought I get a makeup artist do it in the morning – I don’t think anyone really appreciated it.

Dear Mick
This is the last Friday Letter I will write to you. So, PLEASE stop reading it. In fact, I’m extremely surprised that you’re still reading this considering you’re the one who ended our friendship in such a childish way.

Dear Intimacy
So long my friend. I’m going to miss you til… GOODNESS ONLY KNOWS! (heart break)

Dear Ziggy Denim
Oh the joys of having friends in all the right places and even better when they’re the same build and size. You have easily been my favorite purchase this week. As much as I thought I had grown out of the the distressed torn denim, I dig you. Almost as much as Joy Division.

Dear Priceline’s 40% off Cosmetics
Look at what you made me do!

Dear Michaela
You gorgeous thing, I’m going to miss your lovely face at the random beauty events, hearing your Mean Girls quotes to everything and how you can effortlessly turn something mediocre into something completely dirty. Have the best time in Dubai, and hopefully when you’re back in Sydney (even if it’s on the fly) we’ll be able to catch up. Love you biatch.

Dear B
Your texts have been the highly of my week. Much love bro.

Dear Etsy
I have a serious jewelry addiction that you’re shamelessly enabling. Beautiful one-off pieces is just too hard resist!

Dear People who hashtag their spoken conversations
Just… DON’T! And furthermore, don’t do the hand gesture either. You look like an idiot.

Dear Heat
I don’t know what it was with you this week, but I couldn’t for the life of me, handle you this week. Even with the fan on full right beside me and trying to play down the premature menopause jokes, I just couldn’t cool the hell down.

Dear Cricket
Although I don’t care much for you, I did watch the majority of The Ashes on Thursday morning. So… there!

Dear Google
Although I will always go to you for answers, you really need to do your research kiddo! I haven’t lived in Melbourne for two years, so I don’t know why you continue to give me results in Victoria. Massive fail! Please amend your location to Sydney, or learn to read an atlas.

Dear USA
Can I please have my best friend back? You’ve had her for wayyy too long now. I need to hear her voice and catch up on so many things.

Dear Zoe

Friday’s Letters: Let go and just be free


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