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Friday’s Letters: Heart-shaped Life

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic
Friday’s Letters: Heart-shaped life

Dear LC
Thank you for behaving this week. It’s been an extremely tough week for me and having to not worry about you has made it a little easier for me.

Dear Andre
You’ve also been a delight this week. Thank you for being so good, along with the cat. It’s been extremely helpful. I know you got mad at me for catching you to put oil on your feet but you do realize it was for your own good and I was only trying to help you not have gross feet.

Dear friends
Oh my, how much I love you all this week. Zoe, Chelsea, Rachelle, MW, Anthony and Alison… I love you all.
Thank you Zoe, Rachelle and Chelsea for being the sisters I never had. Giving tough love, an emotional kick in the arse when I need it and all the love and support I need. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
To MW, you’re just one of the best dudes I’ve ever met and you always manage to make me smile.
And lastly to Anthony, THANK YOU for breaking into my house, using up one of my favorite lipsticks to write the most three beautiful words on my bathroom mirror. YOU’RE THE BEST!

Dear side project
You’re helping me a lot. You’re making me a little stronger everyday.

Dear Alex
You are exactly the type of woman I want to be. You’ve been my hero this week!

Dear Topher
FUCK YOU! You’re a fucking sociopath! (Sigh) You have no idea how good that feels to finally say.

Dear Reese
You are everything Anthony said you are on your bathroom mirror – don’t ever forget it. Also, next pay go out and get a massage and but something nice for yourself. PS. Calm down.

Friday’s Letters: Heart-shaped life

Friday’s Letters: Heart-shaped life


Friday’s Letters: Heart-shaped life

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