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Friday’s Letters: Forever Friends

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic
Friday’s Letters: Forever friends

Dear anonymous dozen roses at my front door
Quite easily the nicest surprise to come home to on a Friday afternoon. After having two plans cancelled on me for that evening, forcing me to spend an evening with myself it was a good ending to a terrible week.

Dear Instagram
Deciding to have 15 second videos is probably the best worst idea ever! Now my followers can like videos of my animals more than photos of yours truly. Way to give me a complex. HAHA!

Dear LC
I really didn’t appreciate that 5am wake up call after I finished 12 hour shift at work. It won’t get me out of bed to feed you any sooner than 7am. You’re 4 years-old now, you know the routine, silly cat.

Dear Andre
You’re 15 second video on Instagram just cracks me up time and time again. Whenever I’m having a bad day again, I’ll have to remember to watch it because you’re just too funny, you crazy angry bird.

Dear Mick
I miss my mate. Beers, a chat and a movie – the one we’ve been talking about seeing for the last three weeks – in the next seven days please!

Dear Chenea
I’m SO glad that we’ve become friends. I love your on duty stories, your 3am SnapChat pics of you pulling silly faces and the fact that you gave me a rose to get me through til 2am on my night shift. You’re the best!

Dear hot mulled wine
You are – sincerely – my best friend this week.

Dear new friend
I like you. You’re interesting to talk to and I admire that you’ve been all over the world, you’re living in Australia on your own while everything familiar is back in Oslo. I think it’s cute that you like to look, even moreso when you’re not even hungry. And clearly you’re a top dude that you watched Miley Cyrus’ new music video because I made you. HA!

Dear hair
So, I did a social experiment all of this week and I have to agree that you’re a catch. Must try and treat you a little better.

Dear Alison
THANK YOU for your tough love last week. You have absolutely no idea how much it’s helped me this week and for myself in general. You’re a beautiful friend. I can’t wait to see what your new project when it’s finally up and running, too.

Friday’s Letters: Forever friends

Friday’s Letters: Forever friends


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