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Friday’s Letters: Bright Young Things

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic
Friday’s Letters: Bright young things

Dear Zoe
Thank you for being my pillar of strength this week. I am amazed at how you keep me strong even when you’re 800km away from me. Our friendship is boundless and I love you so much for helping me through this difficult week.

Dear LC
Thank you for the warm cuddles at night and early in the morning, especially now that we’re heading into the colder seasons. I’m not too sure how genuine your affection is though because you only seem to be interested in my body warmth than actually spending time with me. Never know with you felines.
Also, stop harassing Andre when she’s asleep. You hate being woken up, imagine how she must feel when you jump on her cage.
Lastly, you must think I’m really dumb… but I know when you fart on me, silly cat.

Dear Andre
You’ve been a grumpy bum bird this week. It’s OK though, because you make up for the mood swings with the sporadic cuddle once a night which always feels like home.

Dear distractions
Thank you for coming in abundance this week but as much as I appreciate it, I’m struggling to keep up! I really need to remember things a little better and maybe write down when I have important appointments organised instead of getting swept up in short-term situations.

Dear sleep
You really threw me on Thursday afternoon. Fell asleep for what felt like eight hours, turns out it was only two and I’ve never felt so out of it in my life! (and I wasn’t even drinking!) Please don’t play those games with me again.

Dear Telstra
SO happy to be on board this week – FINALLY! I now have reception in a hospital and everywhere else.

Dear work mate I’ve been playing the scaring game with
This weeks stats: Them = 4. Reese = 1.
I can’t believe how many times you’ve got me this week! Two of them was in one day. I’ll get you back next week, so you better look out.

Dear boys
I really don’t have the time nor the patience for you this week. Pick another week when I might actually give a fuck that you’re flirting with me.

Dear anxiety
You have been the worst part of my week. Everyday you’ve gotten the best of me and I’ve just taken it all in my stride to just get through the day with you overwhelming me at the wrong times.
You will NOT do this again next week. I’m determined to kick your butt!

Dear Winter nails
I think I’ve phased into polishing my paws twice a week. I’ve progressively gotten darker with the nailpolish, which is definitely out of my comfort zone. You will see a lot more darker polishes added soon to my collection.

Friday’s Letters: Bright young things

Friday’s Letters: Bright young things


Friday’s Letters: Bright young things

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