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Friday’s Letters: Baby, Come On…

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic
Friday’s Letters: Baby, come on…

Dear Topher
Good luck. Be good. Learn something. x

Dear LC
I don’t know what the bloody fascination is with Andre’s cage this week and the absolute need to be watching her while you sleep. You’re still terrified of her, so this behavior perplexes me. It’s almost time for your monthly bath, so early next week… watch out.

Dear Andre
I’m glad you’re living with me now. I like that our family of two is now three. It makes our home a little more wholesome and more exciting.

Dear time away
This is well overdue and I’m glad I made the last minute decision to go. Bliss!

Dear meat
I didn’t eat any of you this week. It’ll be a slow process to get myself onto a vegetarian diet and hopefully, with time being vegan.

Dear Mexican food
…Particularly vegetarian nachos, you and me can’t keep being together. You’re too rich and I can’t help myself around you. We have to stop meeting like this.

Dear Sleep
Like last week, we need to spend more time together.

Dear roses in glass bottles on my bedside tables
Although you don’t do much, you bring the overwhelming calm to my home and I’m really enjoying it. I like that you smell nice and look beautiful and an color I wouldn’t normally pick (lavender) it’s been wonderful.

Friday’s Letters: Baby, come on…

Friday’s Letters: Baby, come on…


Friday’s Letters: Baby, come on…

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