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French ~~ Les Miserables Plus Mediterranean Cuisine Equals One Great Night

By Vintagefrenchchic

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of a mini, mid-winter getaway for us.  As much as I would’ve LOVED to have flown somewhere warm and sunny, finances kept us local.  Truthfully, going into it,  I was not excited at all.  We had been sick with the flu, dealt with fleas on the dog (yes, weird for Winter but he’s OK and back on his flea/heartworm medicine–guess we can’t take a break during the Winter months anymore) AND  Rockefeller was attacked by two pit/boxer mix dogs while we were walking just 2 days before our planned getaway (and no, he was not seriously hurt but he did suffer a bite on his back leg and it was one of the scariest moments of my life.  The vet gave him an anti-bacterial injection and some ointment.  And, may I add, my dog did not react viciously at all…he was simply trying to get away from the big, bad dogs).  Needless to say, my mood was not geared toward having fun.  Frankly, January was “miserable”.

I mentioned here that we have had tickets to see the 25th Anniversary of the Broadway Musical “Les Miserables“.  The Kiddos had given us a gift certificate for Miller Auditorium for our anniversary last year.  I have been eagerly anticipating seeing the musical for months–well, at least until January hit.  This 25th Anniversary brought in new set changes and enhancements to the play.  We loved it!  We have seen “Les Miserables” before (a few times) and this was one of the best performances we have seen.  All the lead singers were just phenomenal.  And yes, I would have to say I enjoyed it more than the movie version.  However, I would highly recommend the movie version to anyone who has not seen the play because one gets a better sense of the story line and the details really lend to understanding what is going on.

Here I am, dressed in JJill Wearever, vintage scarf and handbag, MaiTai cuff bracelet and scarf ring:


Of course having an evening out to the theater must include dinner.  We chose to go to Zooroona’s, a Mediterranean Grill.    Maybe I have mentioned this previously, but Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food is my absolute favorite.  I have been to Zooroona’s before with a girlfriend but never with Brett.  And trust me, I will not wait two years again to enjoy it.  We opted for the full on experience while we were there which meant we ate on the floor.


Ummm…eating on the floor is difficult. I was happy that I had chosen to wear pants and not a skirt to the play.    Either we are just tall enough or not in shape enough to not feel overly comfortable while perched on our pillows.  But all discomfort was soon forgotten once the food started rolling in.  DELICIOUS!

This was just “Day 1″ of our mini-vacay.  I have more to share in future posts about where we stayed a couple of nights and a few things we did while “vacationing”.  Happily, I can say I truly had fun despite going into the experience with some very heightened negative emotions.

I am linking up with Adrienne and Jill for “How I Wear…My Date Night Outfit”.  Until another day….


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