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French ~~ Boudoir Nesting

By Vintagefrenchchic

In almost any book I have read about French living, the importance of a woman having her space, a room of her own, is always emphasized.  I completely agree.  While I don’t have my “own” room, I do carve out areas through out my home where I can work/rest/read/revel.  One of my favorite spaces is my boudoir.  Here is how I command this space:


Pillows, blankets, handbag, phone, Nook, computer, books, usually a beverage (wine is preferred after 7:00 PM)…nothing beats these accoutrements when I have finally just had it and need my space.  However, I must be honest and admit it is never just “my space” anymore.  I have a squatter:


Bed, toy, treat, baby, heat register…all the accoutrements needed when my little Rockefeller just needs his down time.  For the record, I don’t bring these things into “my” room for him…he does it all on his own, piece by piece.  A slow and insidious move-in.   I have tried to explain to him that he has his “own” kennel where he can hole up with all his worldly goods but the words fall on deaf, floppy ears.  Since he is usually pretty quiet during these boudoir sessions, I let him stay.


Not to mention that the above scenario works much better than this one if I wish to accomplish anything:


Enjoy some smiles and laughs today.  Hug your pet! (too bad if you only have fish)


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