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Free Running: It’s Not What I Thought

By Nicoleao @momfever

Unknown-1When I encounter obstacles during my runs, I run around them.

But after reading Paul Mason’s little book about Free Running (On the Radar: Sports) I’m starting to think: ‘I really shóuld do a salto!’

Free running: what’s that?!

I was seduced by the book’s title: Free Running (On the Radar: Sports). It made me think of nature and freedom! But as it turns out, free running is more about acrobatics than it is about smelling the roses.

Free running is about not letting obstacles get in your way, but using them to do scary stunts. Are you running into a wall? Then réálly run into it, and flip yourself over at the top of the wall. That my friend, is free running.

It sounds better than it is, if you ask me.

Free runners: critics

Lots of runners get hurt during running. And that number must be even higher when it comes to free runners! So even though I can appreciate the idea of not letting yourself be stopped by any obstacle, I don’t really gét free running.

And I’m not the only one. Critics say:

  • Free running is dangerous and can lead to injuries.
  • Free runners may scare pedestrians! Imagine yourself shopping and looking for a nice little black dress when suddenly someone jumps over you!
  • Free running is antisocial behavior disguised as sports.

Summing up

I’m nót going to try free running at home. I like to stay in once piece, thank you. Besides, with five kids my life has enough excitement in it. I don’t need anymore.

I’ll just continue on running in freedom my way.

How do you feel about free running?

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