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#Free on #AmazonKindle - The Angels Are Here, Paradox Series Book One.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
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If an angel appears before you, do you know for sure if it's an angel of light? Sometimes it isn't that obvious.
Since the Time Before Time, angelic races, good and evil, have existed. Unseen by the untrained eye, they moved silently through creation.

In an ancient kingdom, the battle between good and evil ensued, and within time, the battle lines expanded into new frontiers - a New World called Earth.

When the first angels fell, the original vampires, they quickly establish positions in the New World. The humans, unaware of the existence of these bloodthirsty beings, had no inclination that their world was about to change forever. Renowned for being the hunter, the human race quickly became the hunted.

As the vampires dominance spread throughout the world, threatening to engulf all humanity, a race of guardian angels soon followed, not only to protect their own from harm's way but to ensure the survival of the human race.

A young girl, Grace Connors, who unknowingly held the past and the future in the palm of her hand, had no idea of the role she was about to play in saving the human race. 

Besides the Paradox Series, Patti Roberts has written many other books, including the Witchwood Estate Series. Check out her Amazon page here: Patti Roberts Amazon page

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