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Free Love in Modern Society

By Refriedhippie @Refried_Hippie
Free Love in Modern SocietyFree love is beautiful. It's natural and wonderful to be intimate with others. Emotionally and physically. Love is a feeling that only the luckiest get to understand. It is complicated and multifaceted  There are different types of love all of which are glorious in their own right. You can love a friend, a parent, a pet, and especially a significant other.
Free love has gotten a bad rap in the past few decades. The idea is that men and women are over sexed and are sleeping with everything possible. Gross and perverted ideas of free love and being propagated left and right from anti-peace organizations. These ideas are singular and misguided. Of course there are people that want to experience ultimately, unlimited sexuality. They take their sexual destiny into their own hands and embrace it fully. These ideals may seem extreme, but there is beauty in sexuality and power in sexual freedom.
Yes, I am a Free Lover. I have an inalienable, constitutional and
natural right to love whom I may, to love as long or as short a
period as I can; to change that love every day if I please, and with
that right neither you nor any law you can frame have any right to

—Victoria Woodhull

The idea of free love is beginning to be redefined. An awakening is happening and we are beginning to open our hearts to the rest of the world. We are accepting and learning to respect the differences in others. Free love is based on the ideals of ultimate acceptance and the desire for oneness with people in our lives. The free love movement isn't about having sex with everyone, but finding the ability to love others with open hearts and open minds.

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