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Free As a Butterfly.....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity
                                  Hey their Shiners....we meet once again.
                                         I pray all is well with all of you.
Free As a Butterfly.....
For anyone who knows me, I have a deep admiration for butterflies.  I have them all over the place like a big kid collecting their favorite toy cars or something else they love.  Have you ever seen how free a butterfly looks as it flutters its beautiful wings to get to its destination?  I have always looked at butterflies as free spirits, much like myself.
From the very start they go through the stages to grow and lastly blossom into the ever so free beautiful butterfly.
Free As a Butterfly.....
Like the butterfly Shiners, we go through many changes to become the beautiful butterflies we are today.  don't get me wrong Shiners, it does take some time to be does not happen over night-or at an blink of an eye.
We have challenges to over come to be free as well.  For many of us shining butterflies we have money issues, family issues, health issues, job issues, or just piece of mind issues.  As we over come these trials we shed another layer to become that free butterfly.
In addition, just like the butterfly, we will go through many changes in our lives such as, happiness, sadness, children, marriage, friendships and much more.
Free As a Butterfly.....
Shiners we are beautiful butterflies, I have gotten to know so many of you on a deeper side than just from blogging.  So many have families, husbands, wives, girlfriends, daily struggles, and our ups and downs.  This is a true make up of a beautiful butterfly.  All of our challenges, changes, and lastly the blossoming into a beautiful butterfly-so free-not being held back-breaking through it all-staying active, beating the odds and spreading our beautiful wings as wide as we can and fluttering as free and far as we want.
So again I say Shiners-be the FREE and BEAUTIFUL butterfly that you are....I'm watching in admiration!!
Free As a Butterfly.....
                                     What makes you free as a butterfly??

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