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Fredrik and His Indonesian Trip Experience

By Hendra @tukangminggat

Let me introduce you with Fredrik from Sweden. We met up by coincidence–if you may call a random talk about Spring Rolls in a Padthai street vendor in Bangkok as a coincidence too :D That was the… err I forgot… either his third or fourth coming to South East Asia. During beer time, glad to hear that he also had visited Indonesia few year ago.

So, without further due, let’s hear what he said about traveling in Indonesia.


How do you know Indonesia?

From animal planet i think

What’s the trigger that makes you think, ok, let’s go to Indonesia!

I went to Indonesia to visit my friends that lives there.

What’s the best memorable thing when traveling to Indonesia?

Probably the Nyepi festival in Ubud, Bali “day of Silence”

How do you try to get used to “eating rice all the time” habit?

I think rice is boring so many times i only order the meat and skip the rice.

Your fave local food in Indonesia?

Pork satay! (Ah! my fave one too!)


Fredrik in Gili Lombok

Having a bad experience when in Indonesia?

Kuta beach in bali, waaay too touristy and dirty.

What’s on your mind when some of locals enthusiastically wanted to take a picture with you?

I think its fun when locals take pictures with me.

Intended to come back again?


Which part of Indonesia that you really want to pay a visit next time?

will defenitely go back to Indonesia, next time Sumatra and Borneo for the nature, maybe try diving in Flores (Gonna wait for it!)


Bintang Beer!! Indonesian pride, lols!

Try to memorize, what’s “Thank You” in Indonesia ?

Dont remember haha (No Kidding! you should memorize it later on the next visit :p)

How does traveling mean to you?

Meeting new people, escaping theSwedish winter and eat different food.

If you are given a chance, give me two names you’d like to travel with? And why?

Australian girls or Canadians, they are often super festive.

How long do you need to pack?

2 hours before i leave.

Backpack or suitcase?

40 liter backpack.

Things which should always be brought on your backpack/suitcase?

Camera, sunglasses, toothbrush passport and visa-card then you are ready for anything.

Bunk bed dorm or private room?

Anything from hammock to private room in a hotel

On airplane or overland?

Airplane, saving lots of time.

How about a crush when traveling?

Yea that’s always fun (I surely know what the “fun part” is :D)

Never date a backpacker, what do you say?

Always! That’s the kind of people i connect with.

The most stupid thing you’ve done during traveling?

Going to Hanoi, they are not very friendly to white people in norther Vietnam.


Quit a job, sell things and do RTW trip, what do you think?

Why not?!

Local superstitious, believe it or don’t give a fuck about it?

I don’t know

Do you collect certain souvenir when traveling?

I collect Hindi, Buddhist and propaganda art.

Any suggestion for newbie traveler?

Don’t plan your trip, listen to other travelers rather than a guidebook or internet.

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