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Four Reasons Direct Mail Still Matters

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Marketingtango @marketingtango

All those holiday cards that flood mailboxes every December should give you an indication that traditional mail is still a viable way to connect with people. While “snail” mail may not have the impact of television or the excitement of the latest social media network, there are good reasons why integrated marketers continue to choose direct mail to make a lasting impression.

You Can Touch It

Mailings have dimension. They can stretch, open, make noise, or contain a surprise inside. Color and graphics have a greater impact on a printed piece than they do as pixels on a screen. Odd mail shapes get attention and stand out from the pack. Bulky mail also gets noticed since it looks like it’s hiding something of value inside.

You Can Send Samples
What better way to get your product into the hands of prospective customers than to give them a sample or trial, delivered straight to their door? As an example, direct mail was effectively used to introduce portable flash-drive memory-storage devices around 2001 by a small company called M-Systems. An intrusive direct mail package containing the new product was sent to select OEMs (such as IBM) to get them interested in producing their own private-label version of the device. As you may have guessed, the campaign worked: today, you can find flash-drive storage devices practically everywhere under a variety of names.

You Can Save It
You can’t very well stick an iPad on the refrigerator or tack a radio spot on your bulletin board. But if you send a memorable, entertaining mailer, it will often get saved, sometimes for months after a campaign ends, or even longer. Include a special offer or a tear-out coupon to give your audience a reason to save your message.

People will hang on to interesting, relevant direct mail pieces and remember who sent it when your services are needed.

You Can Return It
Make it easy for recipients to respond to your mailer by including a postage-paid reply card or pre-stamped envelope. Test your messages by surveying your audience—ask what makes them want to respond. There’s no better way to find out what customers want than to come right out and ask them, as long as you make it easy for them to reply.

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