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Fotografie Fridays: Mama's Babies

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
When I started this blog, it was mostly cooking, but I also rambled about my life and photography from time to time. I used to do Fotografie Fridays which was just a cheesy spin on Wordless Wednesday since I live in Germany. Haven't done it in a while but thought it'd be fun to start again :)
So last night I told you all that I was going to purchase a new lens today and that I did. My children accompanied me from store to store as I searched for a new 50 mm lens. This time I wanted 50mm f/ 1.4 instead of the 1.8 I had before. This lens is a bit more sturdy for someone like me with curious children and me being very erm..forgetful! I LOVE it! Can not wait to take more photos with it.
I treated my children to lunch at Pizza Hut after a week of long boring errands. I NEVER sit down at any restaurant because my youngest can't sit down anywhere longer than 10 minutes. Today he sat for 15 minutes. That's a bit of progress!
Standing up on the chair. Don't let the smile fool ya.
My sweeties sharing :)
My little Iron Man at his Fasching Kindergarten Party a couple weeks ago.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!! Am planning to cook up a recipe with my son's chicken, waffle, rice, soup idea...only it will not be that, but close! Stay tuned :)

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