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Foster Care and Foster Parenting – Understanding The Difference

By Momatlast @momatlast

Many people, who think of caring for a kid that has no blood relation with them, ask the question as to what is the difference between foster parenting and foster care. Some years ago foster caregivers were called as foster parents; however it is regarded as an inappropriate title. Foster caring is something that denotes short and medium term custody of kids, who might still be returned to the charge of their own parents. On the other hand, foster parents are parents, who have adopted a kid thereby becoming the legal parents with the same responsibilities and rights of biological parents.
Foster children
While the caregivers are not responsible for the cost of raising the child, they have certain obligations towards the welfare of the kid for the period during which they take charge. The cost of rising is provided by the agency from which they have taken the kid until some problems with their biological family gets resolved. The caregivers cannot deny the biological parents to visit the child during the period in which the kid is under their protection. When it comes to foster care UK, there are good agencies enabling the caregivers to find an appropriate child according to their requirement.

The foster caregivers even though paid a moderate amount, they can get a great sense of satisfaction of offering real attention to a child, thereby bringing about a real difference in his/her life. Even though, no two children are alike, most of the children placed in fostering might never have felt nurtured or loved. This is because they often come from unstable backgrounds.

As mentioned earlier there are good foster care UK Agencies, who are licensed to place children into homes and people interested in caring for children can approach these agencies for the same. Before offering a person with the responsibility of foster custodian, the agency will be conducting some form of screening test and interview and a social worker might also visit the home of the person interested in caring and qualified child care providers will be assessing the application submitted by the person for foster caring. After these processes are completed, the person will be offered with some sort of training and education before a child is offered under his/her custody. This shows the commitment of the agency in the well-being of each and every child under their protection. So, enjoy short-term caring of little ones with fostering.

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