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Formal Event? Five Ideas To Save Money On A Beauty Makeover

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

If you have a formal event coming up and are short on cash, you might be stressing about how you’re going to get your hair and makeup done with limited funds. To help you create the look you want without having to take out a loan, here are five ideas to save money on a beauty makeover.

Get a Student Makeover-

If you don’t have the money for a ritzy salon, considering visiting one of the many fabulous beauty schools in Toronto and around the world, such as the Canadian Beauty College. Having your makeup or hair done by a beauty student instead of a graduated professional is a great way to save money on your look for the event. Since students are overseen by instructors, you’re guaranteed to have professional and beautiful results that are comparable to a professional makeover at a salon.

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Student Makeup

Find Tutorials Online-

YouTube is a great place to find beauty tutorials that will walk you through how to apply your own makeup or do your own hair step-by-step. At teenage girls in their bedrooms to professional Hollywood stylists, the internet is full of videos that teach you how to apply makeup and style your hair like the pros.

Recruit a Friend-

If you have a friend whose makeup always looks flawless, consider recruiting her to either do your makeup for the event or teach you how to do it yourself. The same goes for that girlfriend whose hair always looks camera-ready. Most beauty junkies love to help their friends and your girlfriend is sure to be flattered by the fact that you love her look enough to want to replicate it.

Buy a Starter Kit-

If your makeup collection is small, consider buying a starter kit. These kits are available from most makeup lines and contain mini versions of several products to help you create various looks. You can also find gift sets and starter kits of styling products to help you create the hair look of your dreams.

Starter Kit

Borrow Tools-

If you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup or style your hair, consider borrowing the things you might need, such as makeup brushes or a curling iron. While it is a good idea to invest in these tools for yourself, this is a great way to obtain the tools you need without spending any money.

Borrow Tools

With these helpful tips, you’re sure to look gorgeous without spending a fortune. Plus, you’ll have extra money to splurge on your dress and shoes. Have fun!

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