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Fork in the Road

By Golfrefugees

Exactly a year after the fatal factory collapse at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, the work of the two groups of clothing and footwear brands and retailers, which formed to try to prevent any repeat of the tragedy, continues. 

The North American-dominated Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety announced recently that it has now completed more than 50% of the inspections it plans to make of the nearly 70
0 factories in Bangladesh from which its members source goods. Earlier this year, the more European-dominated Accord for Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh announced that the number of companies it has convinced to sign up to work for better and safer conditions for factory workers in Bangladesh has grown to 150.
Nike’s name appears on neither list.
The Wall Street Journal spoke to Nike’s head of sustainable business, Hannah Jones. Ms Jones explained that Nike had taken a decision to reduce its sourcing in Bangladesh
She says that "Bangladesh represents a fork in the road for the industry; one path leads to the lowest possible costs brands and retailers can secure. The other leads towards safer factories" The message from Nike seems to be that companies and consumers cannot have it both ways.

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