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For the Weekend, Volume I

By Melissa Boles @_mboles

This is a new thing I’m trying, sharing cool things I’ve seen, read, and learned throughout the week. If you have things you’d like to share here, I’d love to hear what cool things you’ve found this week!

The coolest watches you’ve ever seen in, which are next on my purchase list.

For all of my ladies with curves.

The book you must pre-order (I have not been this excited for a book in a long time).

Podcasts that make you feel smart (check out #12).

A book list from one of my favorite Atlanta ladies.


The book you need to read if you haven’t yet.

The book that just came out that immediately needs to be on your tablet.

Every girl needs a little Michael.

Because everybody needs a little grace.

What have you found this week?

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