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For the LOVE of Words

By Ddmacker1 @creativideee

So today is Fountain Friday and I feel like pouring out my heart in writing and like you all know by now I love dotting on God as he is my source of creativity.

For the LOVE of words

For the love of all things creative

“My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem (painting, craft, music which ever form) to the king, shaping the river into words” – Psalm 45:1 (The message)

So today I am not saying to much and rather leave you with words from my personal encounters with God. I hope they inspire and uplift you as much as they have me. SO brace yourself for loads of words and little pictures


This is one of my first pieces of writing, this was when I started to realized that I am made for love and being loved:

My beloved is mine- written Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There was a time when all I wanted to do was run away and hide… 
From the world… from life. 
Living was a struggle… living a purposeful life was a battle. 
A battle I was slowly losing on my own. 
I was disengaged from life…from me. 
I became disillusioned by what the world was spitting at me. 
Mocking the very essence of who I am… Who I am meant to be. 
The world had crippled me.

You gazed upon me and took me in.
You reached out at me and said: “ Arise, my darling, my fair one, and come with me” 
You must have been speaking to someone else.
I was not fair or beautiful I was wrecked, bruised and battered. 
How could you even gaze upon me and feel anything but pity. 
When I looked at you I saw love and respect… the kind I never knew but always yearned for. 
You were captivated by me… you saw something no one else did. 
You saw beauty. 
You found me more beautiful than anything you have ever created.
You considered me the climax of creation…
I was the “it” of creation

I was marred by the world you reshaped me, restored me.
Every step of the way you reassured me of the love you have for me. You have shifted my paradigm Completely. 
Leaving me in awe.
You breathed life into my soul… 
You reconstructed my soul. 
You blew over me arousing every desolate area within my soul. 
You deemed me worthy… 
You deemed me precious 
Establishing me amongst the most beautiful and valuable.

You have awakened my heart to trust again 
You have wakened my soul to live again. 
I want to live recklessly for you. 
I yearn to be closer to you 
More intimate with you. 
I want to love you with love that knows no boundaries. 
Teach me your ways. 
To reflect the very essence of you. 
I want to hide in you and know beyond a doubt who I am… 
What I am destined to do. 
I want to learn so much more. 
I want to let the world in on you. 
I want others to feel this secure in you. 
I love you more than words could ever comprehend. 
I love you with all my soul and being. 
My body, mind and soul yearn after you. 

I am my beloved’s and he is mine.
You are my knight in shining armour… 
My prince who rides into the sunset after me. 
You think of me always. 
I am so undeserving of your love… 

Yet you love me
Love is who you are, grace is in your nature…

This piece  is just to remind myself of his unfailing love in the days that I feel so alone and unworthy…

Discovering love – written Tuesday, April 26, 2011

God you are amazing.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing you are.

You always love.

You are always faithful,

Loyal till the end.

When I fall you catch me,

Slipping; you hold me so that I do not get hurt

When I stumble, you make sure I do not fall

On days when I am down and out,

You make sure I don’t stay down

You lift me up and set my feet on solid ground.

On days that I cannot bear to face the world,

You give me the strength to look it straight in the eye.

On days that I really cannot…

You allow me to hide,

I hide in you,

In the cleft of the rock I find strength

In the intimacy of the rock you speak tenderly to me

You know what I need and when I need it

You love unconditionally,

Even when I do not love

You love me regardless,

Even though I want to walk away.

Your love draws me back…

Love that is intoxicating,

Love that overwhelms,

So much so that I can never look back

Never turn back

If ever I could go back,

I would…

Just to feel that intense love

Once more…

Then I discover new dimensions of your love,

And I keep going forward,

Wanting more,

Desiring to know more

I don’t think I would ever

Get to the end of discovering your love

I don’t think I want to…

Thats it for this Fountain Friday…watch this space next week for more words of creatividee


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